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Let's make the meaning of an idiom clear by starting with a list and some examples of the English and American idiom! So whether you have "Got out of the wrong side of bed" but still want to gain some "Brownie Points" by demonstrating your understanding of an idiom then this is the place for you! We have made our examples, origins and meanings of the common English and American idiom funny - "a piece of cake"! So, "Make no bones about it", you can have fun learning about the English and American Idiom! "Put on your thinking cap" browse our free, online dictionary & the idiom you are curious about in the N - R idiom list!

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Nest Egg idiom

New kid on the block idiomNot playing with a full deck idiomNot on your life idiom
Nuts idiomOn the dot idiomOver the hill idiom
Over your head idiomOne for the road idiomOne over the eight idiom
On the dole idiomPay through the nose idiomPot calling the kettle idiom
Peeping Tom idiomPrick up your ears idiomPie in the Sky idiom
Pin Money idiomPipe Down IdiomPushing up daisies idiom
Pull your leg idiomPull the plug idiomPull the Wool Over idiom
Pull out all the stops idiomPut a sock in it idiomPut your best foot forward idiom
Quality Time idiomQueer Street idiomQueer the pitch idiom
Raining cats and dogs idiomReading between the lines idiomRed light district idiom
Red tape idiomRight under your nose idiomRob Peter to pay Paul idiom
Rise and Shin idiomRun out of steam idiomRooted to the spot idiom

Rub someone up idiom

English & American Idiom Dictionary

Examples of the English and American Idiom are fascinating and play a major part in the non-standard speech or dialect that is natural to the English and Americans. In fact a "Double Whammy" of the common & rare idiom! Many of the actual origins and meanings of the Idiom have been lost in time. But the definitions of the above examples of the English American Idiom have been explained. The dictionary of the English and American Idiom, together with their meanings, make interesting reading containing facts and information about each individual idiom! We believe that this site provides the "Full Monty" in terms of the American and English idiom in the examples we have provided!

Have Fun reading some funny and famous examples of the English and American Idiom!
Although the word 'idiom' is not commonly used in our everyday language the actual English and American Idiom list in the Dictionary are frequently quoted! They are familiar to all American and English people! We have our own style, treatment and way of using the English and American Idiom in our language. The English and American Idiom makes amusing and funny reading! To quote a couple of funny examples of relevant idioms - we are not giving you a "Cock and bull story" or trying to "teach our Grandma to suck eggs"! So "Don't look a Gift Horse in the Mouth" - read the many funny examples in our Dictionary and English and American Idiom list and enjoy the idiomatic expressions used in the English and American language!

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English & American Idioms N - R

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