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Famous Movie Quotations!

Everyone loves the movies and to read the Famous Movie Quotations by their favourite film stars. The famous movie stars of the silver screen are fascinating as are their great classic movie Quotes and quotations. Some of the Famous Movie Quotations can be described as legendary Quotes and some even as notorious Quotations! A range of famous classic and popular Quotations by great movie stars have been included. Some of these celebrated quotations date back to the era of old, classic famous movies called the silver screen when many people referred to the cinema as the 'pictures' or 'picture show' and colloquially as the 'flicks'!

Quotations and Quotes

Woody Allen QuotationRowan Atkinson QuotationLionel Barrymore Quotation
Ingrid Bergman QuotationMilton Berle QuotationMel Brooks Movie Quotation
Sandra Bullock QuotationMichael Caine QuotationCharlie Chaplin Quotation
Francis Ford Coppola QuotationGary Cooper Movie QuotationRussell Crowe (Gladiator)Quote
Jamie Lee Curtis QuotationTony Curtis QuotationBette Davis Quotation
Johnny Depp QuotationDanny DeVito QuotationClint Eastwood Quotation
Marty Feldman QuotationW. C. Fields QuotationCarrie Fisher Quotation
John Ford QuotationMel Gibson QuotationZsa Zsa Gabor Quotation
Sam Goldwyn QuotationTom Hanks Movie QuotationGoldie Hawn Quotation

Many of our earliest memories can be jogged by these old Famous Movie Quotations. In this era famous film stars were called movie gods and goddesses and their Quotations were eagerly reported by powerful radio presenters such as Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons. The famous Movie Quotes and quotations featured in this section are the direct verbal and spoken communication or Quotations used by the famous person whilst some are taken from actual movies. Epic, classic movies have always proved popular with film audiences and who can forget the Kirk Douglas and Russell Crowe movies where 'I'm Spartacus!" and "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius..." are legends as famous Movie Quotations.

Famous Movie Quotations
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Alfred Hitchcock QuotationBob Hope QuotationErnie Kovacs Quotation
Bert Lahr Movie QuotationHedy Lamarr QuotationJerry Lewis Quotation
Gina Lollogrigida QuotationSteve Martin Movie QuotationGroucho Marx Quotation
Steve Martin QuotationBette Midler QuotationMarilyn Monroe Quotation
Paul Newman Movie QuotationLeonard Nimoy QuotationPeter O'Toole Quotation
Christopher Plummer QuotationGilda Radner QuotationJulia Roberts Movie Quotation
Joan Rivers QuotationWilliam Shatner QuotationArnold Schwarzenegger Quote
Steven Spielberg QuotationPeter Ustinov QuotationHarry Warner Quotation
Sigourney Weaver QuotationOrson Welles QuotationBilly Wilder Quotation
Jack Warner QuotationDenzel Washington QuotationRobin Williams Quotation

Famous Movie Quotations

The most famous and celebrated great Movie Quotations of all time have been included in this collection of famed quotes. Famous and Popular Movie Quotations have proved to be so successful that they have become part of our everyday language - people always smile when one of the the famous Movie Quotations "I'll be back!" is quoted. We associate the famed Quotations with the movie stars who spoke them. Famous Movie Quotations have proved to be so successful that questions have been included in many famous Quiz shows on the television. So, if you are thinking of entering such a program, then familiarize yourself with the most famous classic Movie Quotations by browsing through this section. Test your memory and knowledge of these famous and legendary Movie Quotations and enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with the great old movies!

A really comprehensive movie section covering all aspects of unforgettable words and sayings by the most celebrated movie people and film stars. The many famous stars listed above are well known for their legendary and sometimes notorious Movie Quotes and quotations. Some of these great movie quotations will be familiar and an example of the famed verbal and spoken communication or quotations used by the famous film star. The famous Movie Quotations of these celebrated, eminent, distinguished and prominent celebrities (often notorious or infamous qoutes) provide a vast selection of famous funny Movie Quotations. Famous, classic old movie love Quotations, or romantic movie love Quotations, and even cute Movie Quotations! Common mis-spellings are Qoutes, Qoute, Qoutation and Qoutations. We hope that you enjoy looking through the famous motivational qoutes and quotations and find a good reason to quote the most original of the famous great Movie Quotations featured!



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Famous Movie Quotations

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