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Definition: "And so it goes"

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Text Message Dictionary - ASIG

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Learn what the text messaging slang shorthand ASIG means, its definition is shown above. Our free online text character symbol dictionaryhelps you to understand this new urban language. More and more people, young and old are using short codes and text symbols in theirtext messages, instant messages, emails and even in everyday language! Some of the abbreviations may be obvious to you, others may not - don't worry if you don't know them, you are not alone! Just check out our constantly growing dictionary of texting acronyms and emoticons. The translation of ASIG has been included on this page but we have hundreds more codes and emoticons for you to discover. Just think how much time you will save by using them! Use our free online translator to discover a whole new language which is guaranteed to save you valuable typing time!

Text Message Translation - ASIG

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